Exit To Kenya - The Complete Travel Guide

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Exit To Kenya - The Complete Travel Guide

Country how legendary for its fauna and its golden sunsets on the savannah, Kenya attracts for its safaris and the wild life that it proposes. Find yourself facing the "Big Five" and cut yourself off for a few days.

** TIPS ** :
 In Kenya, as everywhere in Africa, it’s better not to show too much of valuables. Thefts are numerous, especially in non-tourist areas so be careful and always opt for taxis when falls at night even if it’s only for a few blocks. When the shops lower the blind, the atmosphere quickly becomes gloomy. Aside from that, Hakuna Matata ! 

Budget: $ 50 / € per day. For a safari, count $ 1000 (in budget) for a full week, accommodation transportation, and entrance to parks.
Currency: 1 $ / € = + - 100 Kenyan Shilling.
Visa: One month visa at the airport for $50 / €40 or online here. Provide a passport valid for at least 6 months and 2 blank pages minimum.
Sleeping: $ 40 / $ 60 for a single / double room.
Transportation: About $ 15 for a bus day, the roads are in pretty good conditions.
Food : Irio, Pilau, Matoke, Bajia, Githeri, Ugali
Weather: Wet March-May and Oct.-Dec. Dry in Jan-Feb / Jun-Sep. Around 20 ° C.
Religion: Christianity and Islam.
The people: Very friendly and smiling as everywhere in Africa.
Music: Benga, Kikuyu
Language: Swahili, English, tribal languages

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Habari yako
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Hakuna Matata

Nairobi (3 days) : Nairobi National Park - National Museum & National Archives.
The capital of Kenya has an important urban center as well as a reserve at 7km, the National Park of Nairobi, the smallest of the country. You will still find black rhinos (a threatened species), giraffes, zebras and lions and an elephant orphanage. At the cultural level, you can spend a day at the large National Museum and the National Archives, which offer cultural, geological, natural and historical exhibitions as well as a contemporary art gallery in East Africa. Think of feeling the atmosphere in the heart of the city between 2 visits while strolling there. Nairobi is often the starting point for safaris in Kenya, so do not hesitate to browse the various agencies in town or at your hotel to compare their price / services, if this has not been done directly at the airport.



** TIPS ** :
 Before booking your safari in Kenya or Tanzania, TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE MIGRATION OF ANIMALS according to the TIME you travel. Indeed, the animals are found rather north of the hemisphere, so in Kenya between July/August and November. From December to June, they migrate further south of the hemisphere, (so in Tanzania). You will see many more by taking this parameter into account.

Safari (7 days) : Masai Mara (3d) - Nakuru (2d) - Amboseli (2d).
The Masai Mara National Park is the largest in the country and continues to Tanzania. It’s full of a large amount of animal species in a huge savannah. You will see what is called the "Big Five" namely the zebra, the giraffe, the elephant, the buffalo and ... the lion (obviously !) But also impalas as far as the eye can see! During your tour, you will pass by Masai Mara villages and will be able to get in touch with the inhabitants.


Then chase towards Nakuru Park in the center of the country. This park has a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere as the wildlife here is smoother on the shores of Lake Nakuru. Here you will find buffaloes and impalas but also flamingos and other varieties of birds but especially ... white rhinos! And that's magic! Respect the silence of the park to let you approach by these wonderful creatures, they see evil and can be frightened by the noise. Single moment.


Last but not least, the Amboseli Park unlike the Masai Mara is in a jungle and not in a savannah. It is therefore an opportunity to see all these animals in another frame without forgetting that you will also have seen on Kilimanjaro, enough to take unforgettable photos.


Mount Kenya (2 days) :

Mt. Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa and attracts more and more travelers crazy for trekking, climbing and thrills. You have to be expert to reach the two highest peaks (5199m and 5188m) but the Lenana Point (4985m) is accessible for most hikers and still offers a superb view of the surrounding landscape. The entrance to the park is $ 55 plus 200KSh per day for guides, so plan your days in advance.


Loyangalani (3days) : Lake Turkana - South Island National Park.

Loyangalani is located in the north of the country around Lake Turkana and is quite difficult to access in transport, so it is necessary to have your own vehicle, 4X4 preferably. You will be here in the middle of villages and tribes of Turkana and will be able to have access by boat to the South Island National Park, classified World Heritage by Unesco, in which you will be able to see many crocodiles and venomous serpents. Guests can stay at Palm Shade Camp, which has basic huts and tenting space. Wild life, the real one!

Lamu (2/3days) :
The Lamu Archipelago is a most envied Kenyan destination because it rivals Zanzibar in Tanzania. Small labyrinth city, mosques and shops facing the Indian Ocean with this water and its paradisiacal beaches. The perfect place to relax after so much effort!


Mombasa (2/3 days) : Fort Jesus - Old Town - Mombasa Harbor.
If you are looking for a place where a thousand and one cultures meet, you will find your happiness in Mombasa. This coastal city is a crossroads of East Africa, India, Arabity and moreover of European construction with the Fort Jesus created by the Portuguese, which overlooks the ocean. The Old Town of Mombasa does not have the medieval charm of Lamu but remains a pleasant place to walk and chill. You can also take the ferry that will take you to the other side of the shore of Mombasa Harbor to discover spots and quieter beaches. 


Outro :
Traveling to Kenya, as everywhere in Africa, isn’t so easy. Safaris are expensive, the days are going very fast and you have to know how to be constantly on the move. The quoted route and durations are indicative, including travel days, and you can of course modulate them as you please. So be prepared to live intensive days, (you're here for that !) to then relax off the islands of the Indian Ocean. Cushy. Hakuna Matata.

Exit To Kenya - The Mix :

Chillin' few days in Nairobi? Then moving around in all country to see the Big 5 or just relaxing at the beach? Well, we have the perfect music to immerse yourself in this amazing kenyan vibe. Here is an hour mix selected by Nubiphone Record Label. More information and free download HERE.

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